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Default Re: The Elite Monitoring our Dreams?

Originally Posted by RoqEL22 View Post
I dream every night and remember mostly all of my dreams. Yet, there was one dream I had that disturbed me a bit. I wont go into detail about it but I will tell you the major point I remember about it. I was at my old workplace in downtown and for some reason the "silverados"( think in terms of coding here, silver, badge =D) were chasing me. I was in a car and wound up in the parking lot of my old work place. I got out of the car and the "silverados" raised their guns at me and told me to get on the ground. I immediately manifested a hand gun and shot the "silverado" nearest to me with the gun pulled in his forehead, lol. The "silverado" did not die, but that isn't the weird part. He looked at the other silverados with confused and dumbfounded looks on their faces and said, " He just shot me, I can't believe he just shot at us ". Now, this was rather startling because first of all I thought it was my dream, second of all I had the feeling that I was being monitored or tested for some reasons. After that, I never had a dreams of the Silverados ever again, which I had numerous dreams of them bullying me and such. Do you believe the higher-ups have the ability to monitor and engage us in our dreams?
This is reminiscent of the MKULTRA Program and "The Chair", dream interaction and monitoring.
I suppose with the modern advances in Quantum Computing and Brain/Device Interfaces it would be possible to do, but as to actually targeting a specific person, well that would be hard.
They would have to have some way to get a Harmonic signature of you first.
Had any brain scans or medical procedures lately?
That is one possible way that it could be done.
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