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Default Re: The Elite Monitoring our Dreams?

You are deflecting.

Your links do not supply answers to my questions other than to provide what I refer to as MESHING.

You can't answer my questions in a clear and concise manner so you provide links to information that are unrelated to the very precise questions that I inquired of you.

The Montauk Project was never mentioned in your original post or my questions, so why do you provide a link to same?

I refer you back to my original questions (i.e., "The Chair").

Thank you,

P.S. Just a word of advice.

Don't waste your time with BS on me 'cause I will call you on it every time and nothing you have explained regarding harmonics and how they are used to target people globally makes any sense either.

Take it elsewhere, pal.

This isn't a disinformation site.

Your post doesn't give me a general idea of anything.

However, my posts will and do.

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