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Default Re: big ciggarrette cover up

Originally Posted by superted View Post
Whenever ihimself feels a lump in his testicles (assuming he has any) he just gets on the phone to 'the big guy'. Sorts it all out for him, no nasty lifesaving doctors or medicine for him. Good old fashioned praying, sorts anything out!!

It's all planned you know! If you get hit by a drunk driver and have your lower body crushed. Should you call an ambulance.....HECK NO!!! You call 'the big guy', he'll sort out that excruciating pain. So your legs are shattered into 100s of pieces, sure it's 'His plan'. You were meant to get horribly injured, disabled and in pain the rest of your life as god has a special plan for us, for all of us. PRAISE THE LORD - HALLELUJAH!!!

Hahahaha. What's up with you? You are being hilarious. I'll hallelujah that for sure!!

Hey, I gots testicles....just ask your boyfriend. lol.

I'm no muslim, or fundamentalist, so god's only plan for me is.....ahem....freedom to choose my own plan. I have no doubt, though, if such a disaster should happen, I would thank the ambulance staff for the shots of morphine. But I could have thanked a severe drug addiction too, with a handy shot or two already in my pocket. lol. DAM laws. In fact, I could have been so high, that a drive anywhere would have been not worth it. hence, the relegation of such circumstances actually occuring. lmao. Prevent accidents. Legalise Drugs. lol.
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