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Default Re: The Origens Of Mothers Day

A definate joke.

That people would believe the intelligence community would bother with a bunch of religious nutters that frequent here...:-P

They monitor...they monitor ALL sites.

I took down more personal information because I fear in the long run a private vigilante, zionist freak show targetting people.

Especially since the freaks are moving down under.

You can get your son out easily. Odds on he will end up in Iraq. He can simply desert. Prepare a safe house now.

If he is'nt killed or severely wounded he will be fucked up emotionally for life.

I am ALWAYS dubious about people who give first hand accounts of close combat on the telly. All calm and rational. I know many combat veterens. Special Forces from Oz and regular...completely fucked up. Alcoholics, heavy drug users, heavy prescription medications, suicide.

The only ones to march are the cooks and the mechanics. No one who's seen the look in the enemy's eye before they killed him wants to remember...period. Or watched their friends die...perhaps horribly, arms and legs and heads blown off.

No one comes out of the situations your son may be put in the same...ever!

If you and he are worried about the word 'desertion' takes a real man to stand up for principals. He will be fighting people who are fighting for their own land against an invader.

There are at the very least 1500 families who thought it would be someone elses son to die.

Over 10,000 who thought someone elses son would be severly wounded.

GET HIM OUT whatever the cost.

Note this BA...

Armor issued despite warnings
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