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Default Re: big ciggarrette cover up

Originally Posted by iHIMself™ View Post
OMG. It is nothing more than a deliberate money grab from those who can least afford it.
Cigarettes will kill you, in how long? 50 years? You eat too many tomatoes, excessively in a lifetime, and I guarantee it will kill you. Anything in excess is not healthy. But who the f* am I to stop you, or tax you, for eating too many tomatoes?

Let's put it like this. You are NOT allowed to buy or grow your own fresh tomatoes, you MUST buy CANNED tomatoes, with all the deadly preservatives and chemicals instilled in it.

The history of smoking tobacco goes back 5000 years. All of a sudden its bad. No, anything in excess is bad. And instead of forbidding tobacco companies to include over 1000000 additives (current), they give them reason to instill MORE of these chemicals to ensure people find it even harder to quit. That is a conspiracy. Government involved.

They are planning to produce packets without advertising. This is to save the tobacco companies MILLIONS of dollars in printing costs. What a joke.

I like what the late Bill Hicks said....

'If I can't smoke and relieve my stress, it'll be more than second hand smoke you'll have to worry about,
It'll be second hand bullets'.

The price increase will ultimately increase crime rates, as people having a ciggarette, shop owners, etc, will face others, with no money, desperate enough to rob them. Violently if need be. And it is already happening.

Tobacco DOES relieve stress, awakens the mind to free thinking, and is ultimately the latest natural, god given right, to fall under the fascist ideologies of the modern dictatored world.

ANYONE who applauds the dissolvement of freedoms of another, deserves no freedoms of their own.

i never heard that one before
how does smokeing awaken the mind to free thinking
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