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Default Re: vitamins and supplements are going to be controlled

What do we expect?

They're not afraid of us all being healthy. They're afraid of NOT making any money.

They are CARTELISTS. They are SOCIALISTS demanding a Command and Control economy for them and FREE WHEELING, DOG EAT DOG for us.

Perhaps on a deeper level it is the simple unconscious desire for power and control..."how dare the peasants become independant of us"!

Sometimes it is just professional pride and arrogence. If you've done a 5 years Masters in bio chemistry and some hippy comes along with a herb you get VERY defensive about your job prospects.

I argued with the head Chemist at a big Perth hospital on the efficacy of Vitamin C.

He told me with great authority that there has NEVER been a PROPER study to prove Vitamin C has ANY health benefits.

I piled a half foot of MAINSTREAM research on the nursing desk when he next came. He turned on his feet and walked off. He did not speak to me again...EVER.

Such is the complete TOSSER arrogence of the intellectual classes.

Their is a new breed of Doctor coming out. They are more open and trained to a small degree in alternative health and nutrition. Not because they think it will be nice but because the peasants are demanding it and like ANY B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S they respond to the market place.

They cant get rid of it so now they want to control it.

Your Doctor is NOT God if you did'nt already know or a sacred caste of priests. They are you r plumber or car around.
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