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Default Re: we are being controlled and dont know it

Originally Posted by kerry View Post
they control how you feel your attatude your moods they know when you sleep and get up then know what you must be thinking or whats on your mind beecause they put it in your mind. they make sure you see ahd hear what they want you to seee and hear they in fact insert into your life style and even people you know and yes those in your family to. and its so sneeky no one even knows about it. they use behavour modifacation punnishment and reward they use the stock market the tax your income and its not just a selected they control its the whole world. they have no name for there group and they are invissable to all but those they work with. they control the world govnorments they controll people that have the power to creat war what they are in fact is the great liars. and while they do this those in there control anything they do is there own idea. they. those with no names are the antichrist. minipulating everything about us. they are solid in the flesh people that use all that exist to control every aspec of our being. how good do you know yourself. are you sure your here reading this because it was your idea. how sure. there main targets are those in power but every day people are used to to influence them. they want to destroy the real you. by swaping the real you with who and what they want you to be. than they use you at others. you me all of us are being used. the way to refresh yourself is to go where you wont see or hear anything or anyone for one or two days. alone. and it works. but while doing so you must wipe from your mind all things pending past family friends job kids and think only about what is around you. do this for a day from when you wake up till you sleep. then go home. you will see whats happening. then you will see what i see. they will come after you if they think they lost control over you. you must act like you saw nuthing and play there game at least you will know and they cant make you do what you dont want to do.

Agreed to an extent....yes we are all brainwashed, some on difrent levels. Some so intergrated and dependant on the system that just like in the matrix they would fight to defend it.

But I realy doubt they will come after you if you realise truths....what do you think your opinion means to the masses? You opinion is worth shit and as long as you aint informing the world....and the world aint in a position where it may beleive you...then they aint gunna come for you cause they dont care about you.
Only when your in a position to change the views of many do I think that these people will notice you and deal with you acordinly.

Who made up the word conspiracy....the words conspiracy is a dirty word...and I think this word is used to cover everything up big time. If you say the word conspiracy to the mass of people....most will automaticly think bullshit.

But yes anyway the first step is with in your self....Open your mind....change your persepctive on life....research into things rather then accept them as truths because your TV says so. Look into your self....find the real you....find the power that is within your mind. release your self from the stressfull lives they have us live because the truth is you dont havet to be dont havet to doesnt havet to be hard.....and in the end the worst thing that could ever happen is you could die....and if you descover that death might not be such a bad thing then little problems in our lives that they have us worry over constantly like money or job or even smaller petyer things dont seem to matter at all. Only problem is those people in less well off countrys who seriously do havet to suffer 24/7 because a peacefull calm mind is proberly harder to achieve.

Kerry I see our views on this are also gunna be very difrent as your views are gunna be based primarily from a christian view point.

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