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Default Re: we are being controlled and dont know it

Originally Posted by kerry View Post
my first post was just a ploy
and has just prooved that the real conspiracy is us
and not those in charge
Mate you are brainwashed....face it ^^

You seem to think that i believe what you said in first post because you said it.

Fact is alot of what you said is true and all you gota do is look at the media and research into things to work out we are all controlled. If we wernt controlled at all then peoples opinions wouldnt be based on media majority.

Here is a simple example.

In America and the UK it is now deemed prety much in decent for a woman to not shave her under arms and other areas. In many other countrys of the world woman do not shave and it is not looked apon as disgustin or anything. Because the media advertises woman to shave....and shows woman on TV with no hair under there arms and such all the time over time it has made societys men want there woman to shave and society woman want to shave to not feel ugly. Basicly companies are makeing money from womans now insecurity over body hair. Now there are loads more insecuritys in woman and men that companies profit from and what shapes the what I look at as "FAKE" society we live in today.

The media controles us by makeing us feel we need to act certain ways...that way it stops us from wanteing to act or think the ways we would naturally and makes us look down on others who do not conform to society. The people at top I believe have a system in place that makes us controle ourselvs.

I will admit though....alot of what you said in your post sounded....over the top and abit stupid...but I did state our views are difrent and I thought you where thinking some of those over the top views due to yourself being christian. No bash on christians or nothing but you do seem to be slightly fanaticle ^^

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