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Default Re: The Origens Of Mothers Day

DT...good for you.

That was the original intention of the post before i noted the possible less than spontaneous origen of Mothers Day.

I'd just like something to be a genuine grass roots idea for once that does'nt include making money or manipulating the public mind to an end that probably does'nt serve the public good in the long run.

Good for every one that does their own thing.

Will we be having childrens day then? A celebration of the life and hope of a new generation?

A day where children ar'nt told to...

Shut Up

Just Do As You're Told

Do As I Say Not As I Do

WHile You Live Under My House You Live Under MY Rules

You Ask To Many Questions...Just Shut Up & Do It.

You Are SUCH A Nusience

All great training for a future Sheeple Globalist Lover.
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