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Default Theosophist, Magician and Tarot reader seeking to communicate.

I have chosen the "title" to this thread carefully. I have apparently come of age in a time of great deception, hatred and greed. I have not been trolling "Club Conspiracy" for a very long time, but what I've seen already alarms me. I'm not new to the "conspiracy." I've ALWAYS believed (from a small child) that the "people in charge" are constantly reaching to enslave "humanity at large."

Now I know a few things.
Now I've learned a few "tricks" of my own.

I have eaten the bitter medicines of the institution. Taken their injections. I have swallowed their tainted beef and drank of the fluoridated water. I have heard its version of history and participated on its Sales Floor. I know all the "old hypnotist" tricks to get people to comply, to change their beliefs - to surrender their actions to another. I am an expert at "selling." I know these tricks because they:

A.) have been used on me my whole life through Mass Media.
B.) were used maliciously against my friends and myself at the hands of a conversational hypnotist posing as a healer.

I have learned a few things. I guess you could say that I have eaten of the apple. I possess the "knowledge of good and evil" and know the difference. I cannot utter a word without observing the "change" in the person I am speaking to. We all create "change" when we speak, communicate and share ideas. We do it constantly weather we want to or not. Everything is an act of communication (transmission of info). "Knowledge of good and evil" is merely knowing the POWER of what you are saying and the AUTOMATIC challenge that KNOWING imparts.

As you speak to the pretty girl she begins to blush. Her lips turn a brighter hue of red. You watch her eye movement and it sticks like caramel. You watch what her fingers are doing, you cannot help but notice now. You are no longer an innocent flirt.... you see your own words as a code. But its not a choice. You see how the syntax, inflection, timing, context and diction are working together. You see what stimulates her. You see what draws her in.

You cannot help but see how your words influence reality. Thoughts become words, words become actions, action turns to habit and habit crystalizes into character. Thoughts ARE living things. With them, all things are possible.

We have the power to kill with our words. We have the power to enslave with our words. We have the power to turn giants into blubbering children, slaves of fear and doubt. We have the power to weaken the world into babbling insanity.


This power comes from truth. And the truth is that every living thing protects that which it loves. Every living thing is oriented somewhere in the 'network of stuff' where it can best support, cultivate and protect that which it loves.

This is why so many of us preach "independence" because we no longer trust the powers that be with our food, water, health and religious ideas. We feel that we need these things to support, cultivate and protect that which we love. This is why 'dependence' and 'socialism' is fucking wrong. It disables our capability to have sovereignty over the things we love. Freedom.

The reason esotericists are teaching this "love philosophy" is so you'll get it. Understanding this mechanism is the key to slavery and salvation. The knowledge of good and evil.

Don't let a revolution based on the GOD GIVEN RIGHTS OF MAN turn into a WITCH HUNT OVER RELIGIOUS FEAR.

You want to know the BIG FAT ESOTERIC SECRET BEHIND ALL THE MASONIC SYMBOLS EVERYWHERE?! Here it is. THEY ARE JUST SYMBOLS! Just like the characters, numbers and letters you are looking at right now. Symbols.

They carry power only because thoughts carry power and thoughts create these symbols. They facilitate communication.

But it must be known: it's all about the INTENTION behind the thoughts and the WAY IN WHICH the communication is being used.

I'm sorry - but the people doing the best work to unveil the conspiracy are getting TRIPPED UP on their own paranoid DELUSIONS about Satan, Satanists and Satan worship.

First of all: Satan is when you lie to your wife and kick your dog because you're a cowardly piece of shit that's too afraid to deal with his own damn problems. Satan is when you knowingly march people into death camps because of your own inferiority problems from childhood. It turns people crazy and cold.

Judging people simply because they are lizards is blatantly ignoring the very REAL and FULL capacity of their greed and avarice. If anything, David Icke has done a great job exposing how shallow the revolution is.

Dude, who cares what magical Enochian tablets that Aleister Crowly spent his days jerking off into?

If you are a "Christian" who spends all their time obsessing over Satan, accusing people of being satan, finding Satan followers, installing "Satan" into people's consciousness... than you are a Satanist. Plain and simple. You are doing the EXACT SAME THING that esotericists do when THEY conjure demons. In our minds we create Satan and give him a face. Give him a body.

When really - we should be giving Christ a face. Giving Christ a Body. Giving Christ a Hand. Embodying Christ.

Because once you eat the apple - you have a choice to make.

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