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Default Re: Banned, banned and more banned

Originally Posted by superted View Post
OH DEAR JESUS!?!? Your joking right? If I child is abused by a paedophile then the parent should be charged too? What are you smoking?
What, on earth, do you think Jane Doe is smoking?

A cigarette?

Oh, goodness, no.

Because, if she were, you might be charged in your future capacity as a medical doctor to care for her failing health due to her cigarette habit, which, she brought upon herself, by engaging in the habit of smoking tobacco and you would despise her for this.

However, I don't think it's tobacco that she's smoking, and, in that regard, marijuana is more damaging to one's lungs than cigarettes.

How 'bout that Ted?

Care to provide us with some statistics as to the carcinogenic affects of POT on one's lungs?

More lethal than cigarettes.

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