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Default Re: Christina Aguilera is controlled by the Illuminati -- how to help stop them both.

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
The music industry can be pretty seamy at times.

I don't think it has anything necessarily to do with the Illuminati.

Take the case of Phil Spector.

He produced the Beatles album 'Le It Be' and is currently serving time having been found guilty of the murder of the actress Lana Clarkson.

One of his party tricks as a record producer was to threaten the people he worked with using a loaded gun which didn't always go down too well, especially with the musicians.

When Clarkson was found dead at his home with a gunshot wound Spector claimed it was a case of "accidental suicide". It took two trials to finally convict him.
It appears, according to your post, that you believe anything corrupt is connected with the ILLUMINATI and, that being the case, in your eyes, would mean that, although the music industry is quite seamy, at times, you don't think it necessarily has anything to do with the Illuminati.

Please define for us, Gale, your definition of the ILLUMINATI.

What an overplayed word.


What are you trying to depict with your SPECTOR illustration?

I mean, seriously, the list goes on and on in the music industry.

As far as I'm concerned, you've helped to prove the point you were trying to disprove.


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