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Default Re: The Elite Monitoring our Dreams?

only blue would think somone is controling his dreems
like theres somthing there worth seeing
this has got to be the zanyest thing he posted yet
btw who are you talking to ba. me? because if you are when shove comes to push youll loose.
why dont you take your fake inteligence where it will fool somone. and doint waste your time mouthing off at me with that vile thing you call a brain. you got no regard for anyone unless it puts you in the limelight. so dont stand on your hind legs barking at me you are just somthing to ignore come what may. but your not tearing down my self respect and any self respecting man would do what im doing. you dont like the way i post dont read it. or disconnect me. and you can put your upity attatude where it dont show. beter yet you go where you dont show

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