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Default Re: Car Model Runs On Water Amazing !

Unforunately the law of thermodynamics will always hold.

He would get MORE energy just simply using that solar energy to power an electric motor than breaking the bonds of the hydrogen and oxygen and then burning the hydrogen.

It all sounds good but simply is'nt.

Only fission, fusion or perhaps the exotic zero point energy will give more than the initial input. Perhaps cold fusion.

The key is most likely SIMPLE decentralization of the power source and simple energy saving devices.

$30,000 will make a house TOTALLY independant of the power grid. Add in some wind power and energy saving stuff and WULLAH!

If this was STANDARD in ALL houses the costs would come down to below $5-7000 dollars- Australian.

To be honest we dont need exotic energy replacements. We just need to adjust our lifestyles a little and use simple and proven technology like "The Orbital Engine"...%30-50 fuel savings but bought out and stashed by Ford. 495acdc181073852d2d0590f95a6

The problem is again cartels and the power utilities who are not about to encourage people to be independant of centralised power in any form.

The West Oz government put the stops to a perfectly proven "tidal power" device that would have powered a remote town in the North West of Oz...why? It was a done deal. West Oz LIVES off the "fossil fuel" industry and huge pressure was put on the government by the ACTUAL people who run this State.

There will be NO large scale working examples of alternative energy sources unless it is owned and controlled by the usual suspects.

Sorry Jimbo...nice thought though.

BUT...there was a guy who made a similar full size thing. He alledgedly 'oscillated' the hydrogen/oxygen bonds apart and got MORE energy out than in. He was awarded the patent. He died 2 years later of a heart attack. It must have not worked though...the U.S army now have the patent.

The guy was quite big for a while, can anyone remember his name? Around 1998-2000.
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