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Default Re: Snake to Draken, come in Draken...

nakedsnake wrote:
I was asking because of the symbols, and mainly because I was curious as to your esoteric posts.
I was an atheist, and am now a Christian.
The thing about Christianity is that it is a historical movement based on a historical person, powered by a supernatural historical event; namely the resurrection.
so to be intellectually honest with the Christian movement you can't be selective, you either accept it or reject it.
Being highly respectful of other traditions, while admirable might not lead you to truth.
You state other traditions based on an genuine knowledge of God, how do we determine what is genuine and what is false?
sincerety of belief does not make it genuine knowledge of the divine.
we cannot know the transcendent unless he takes the first step and reveals himself to us, this is the claim of Christianity that he revealed himself to us in his son and in no other way, this absolute exclusive claim to the divine is offensive to many people, they say it is intolerrant.
But it is confirmed by his resurrection from the dead, a historical event.
Truth is by nature exclusive.
I would advise any lover of truth and any sincere seeker of the divine, to look at the life, claims, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Because if he rose from the dead, he speaks the words of God for God, and if he claimed exclusivity to that, then all else by definition is false.
And truth about God is the ultimate truth.
I hope a seeker such as yourself friend takes the invitation.

With all due respects.. Snake
Valid points there, Ahmad.

Snake, if you ask me to reject other traditional wisdom for the exlcusive benefit of Christianity you're asking in vain.
I don't have to reject other doctrines to be able to appreciate the teaching of Jesus.

I know I don't reject the teaching of Jesus, but I've noticed it's quite difficult to explain to people over the net.
When i read the NT I see other aspects than just the obvious. I don't take every word in the NT literally. You might think that that is rejecting the message or reading things into the text that isn't there, but that's your opinion. There are more than one way to understand the NT and the teachings of Jesus.

I see the teachings of Jesus in other religious/spiritual doctrines, not just in the Christian doctrine.

You ask how we can know what's genuine and what's false.

Certainly not through logical, rational thinking. There's a Sufi saying:

"Searching for God through logical proof is like searching for the sun with a lamp."

I can't answer your question, because I can't through logical arguments and rational thinking explain how I think and what my experiences are and have been.

One thing I forgot to mention in my brief presentation of myself are people who inspired me. A few of these are important to mention, like Frithjof Schuon, Julius Evola, René Guénon et al. These people belong to an informal "school" of thought called "Traditionalists". Their philosophy is what Guénon calls the "primordial tradition". I've posted quite a lot of articles as an attempt to introduce people coming to this forum to these ideas.
If you're interested check out my <a href=" 3786b933071d13c4d53ae99061a">INTEGRAL TRADITION</a>, <a href=" 3786b933071d13c4d53ae99061a">SOLIPSISM - KALI-YUGA - RIGHT-WING ATTITUDE</a>, <a href=" 3786b933071d13c4d53ae99061a">Individual, Spiritual Resistance To Ego & NWO</a>, <a href=" 423786b933071d13c4d53ae99061a">The System of Antichrist and September 11 by Charles Upton</a> threads, along with my more political, factual threads <a href=" 23786b933071d13c4d53ae99061a">Marxist Cultural Subversion According to Gramsci</a> and my thread on <a href=" 23786b933071d13c4d53ae99061a">COMMUNISM</a>.

You say truth is by nature exclusive. I don't understand what you mean by that statement. Exclusive? Excluding who?
I would say there's relative truth and there's absolute, Universal Truth. Relative truth could be "exclusive", whatever we decide that is. Absolute, Univeral Truth, on the other hand, is actually the opposite: it's ALL INCLUSIVE. There is only One.

In conclusion, I totally accept the resurrection of Christ. That does not mean all other spiritual teachings are wrong. Neither does it mean your understanding of the resurrection of Christ is identical to mine.

I will shortly be leaving this forum for a while; I need to gather my thoughts on how to go on in my life. I feel I've said what I wanted to say, for now at least.
My plan is to wrap up discussions I'm in the middle of at the moment and to post a "goodbye for now"-post before I leave, and come back in a few months' time.
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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