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Default Re: Are American Freemasons 'Blue Bloods'?

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
Well, Freemasonry isn't an elitist, aristocratic organization. A good man who holds a faith is eligible to petition for membership.

And even though there is no concrete evidence that there is a direct connection between Freemasons and Knights Templar, why would you say that about the Templars? I'd say, for their time, the Knights had a very democratic process as they elected their Grand Master (the head of the Order).

First, the Skull & Bones is not connected in any ways to the Freemasons, specifically as an affiliated body.

So how is a government to function without some taxes being collected. Personally, I'm a staunch conservative and against high taxes, and prefer a smaller federal government.

Wrong my friend. Nowhere in any Oaths that I have taken have I sworn loyalty to the Queen of England. In fact, we promise never to let women join our Craft (which some feminists have a huge problem with I'm sure). Nor do we swear loyalty to British Royalty. Every Grand Lodge is sovereign unto itself and there is no superior body that controls the Grand Lodge.

How is the English Court system a Masonic system?
Thank you for taking the time to reply to the points you have itemised above.

The first question I'd like to ask you if I may is are you a Grand Orient Freemason? This could clear up any question as to swearing an oath to the British Crown.

The second question I'd like to ask but again which is rather predictable I'm afraid, is what is the purpose of the Freemasons?

So far we have not been convinced by the explanation that it is a charity, a social club etc, etc.

Please enlighten us.................why the secrecy?
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