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Default Re: big ciggarrette cover up

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
THERE is a reason why a warning label as to the risks and dangers of smoking cigarettes is placed on every pack that is sold around the globe and it it isn't because the tobacco companies are looking out for our health.

It is so the cigarette manufacturers can be held harmless from any litigation brought forward due to health issues caused by smoking cigarettes.

In this respect, if litigation does arise, it is very difficult to prove that the medical condition the Plaintiff suffered or is suffering was the direct result of smoking cigarettes.
Of course. But the health warnings do not state harm of smoking is harm of smoking tobacco...which in itself, is a lie. Tobacco does have its negatives, but also its positives. Ciggarettes, on the other hand, is tobacco drowned in over a million known chemicals.
But it is the government that is responsible for these warnings, not tobacco companies. So litigation, for allowing these tobacco companies to legally include these chemicals, and continuing to increase doses, may fall directly on the govt. itself.

WARNING: Tobacco may not kill you, but the 1.2 million chemicals added to this tobacco WILL.

Surgeon General's Warning

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