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Default Re: The BP Oil Gush!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Like I said, you would think the President/government would demand BP provide hundreds of hazmat workers, but I think not, so, therefore, I do not expect government to do anything effectively or efficiently.

Thank goodness fallacies is one of those Americans, 20 percent or so, who believe the President is handling the BP oil GUSH CRISIS effectively and efficiently.

Presidents are puppets.

They receive the blame and credit that their puppet masters orchestrate.

The blame rolls off their backs like a duck in water.

They don't sweat it and you shouldn't either, Mr. Sympathizer.
How on Earth could you get the idea that I think Obama is doing a good job in any respect? I have never seen a poster in any forum so willfully misunderstand , misinterpret, and misrepresent the postings of others as I have with you.

What I was pointing out was that all governments are inherently inept and corrupt, at least once they get to a certain size. I am fortunate to live in an area populated by small towns. One thing always struck me about this area: even though we have all the usual problems that come with a town, and some unusual problems like repeated flooding, the budgets of my town and the ones around it always came in under budget every year. Is it because the people here are less corrupt? Hardly, a couple of our comptrollers are in the state pen for embezzling. Is it because we have fewer problems? Not really. Provide fewer services, absolutely not.

However, the one major difference is size. The budgets are smaller, so less pork and corruption can be hidden within them. There is less of a bureaucracy, so all processes move faster. Decision makers (now I know this is going to be a really hard concept to grasp, since we are all used to the federal government) MAKE DECISIONS. They don't wait for the opinions of twenty legal councils, or establish blue ribbon commissions to look into the matter. They just do it.

So the point I was making is that it is unreasonable to expect any president to rapidly respond to any problem for which a small military unit like the SEALS is unsuited. The bureaucracy, lawyering, and regulations slow the event-decision-response curve to a flatline. Sadly, Federalism seems to be dead, and the Federal government has grown to an unwieldy size, as ponderous as a three legged elephant. Expecting the help of the government is about as effectual as praying for rain.
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