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Default Re: Car Model Runs On Water – Amazing !

No Room For Creativity, According To The Experts ??? :-o :-o :-o

truebeliever, you sound just as stubborn as those fundamentalists that will never even fathom to ponder upon the thought of faster than “light” speeds. Come, on… where is your faith in the “creative mind”. Where is your "faith in humanity." And besides, anything that exists, already does. It’s just a matter of “us” (our idiot selves) hitting it straight on w/ our nose… (our collective nose) & a matter of time, of course. And because we are so slow. Look at how long it has taken us to realize the "truths of Christ." And we still don’t get it. All “free-energy” patents are locked up in a vault, so that we (the masses) can never get there. Do you know anything about ‘zero-point-energy?” It’s true. The “ether” does exist. It always did. We knew about the “ether” way before “modern science” made a pact w/ the establishment to deny the fact & only consider the “visible” & easier to measure world of matter. But everything goes back in a circle, & now, they don’t have a choice but to re-introduce that which we knew hundreds of years ago. What a pity for “real” science. Can you write the “equation” for the “ocean” ? (Hint: You don’t have to include the one for the “rest” of the universe).

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