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Default Re: Car Model Runs On Water Amazing !

I've been reading about zero point since 2001.

The law of thermodynamics is what it is and has stood the test of time. It is a simple and easy to understand law.

I am in essence a VERY practical person.

We have...right now...without a single conspiricy in sight, the ability to live without oil. Very simple and very unsexy technology which the cartelists simply buy up and lock away. Did you check out my post on the orbital engine above? Theres %30-50 less oil overnight with CONVENTIONAL technology.

Jimbo, i posted an article he a couple of days ago.

They are about to deploy "rail guns" on ships and the land that can hurl a projectile 500 km at speeds of 2500 meters a second...LIKE A MACHINE GUN! d6636cd10f3370ad96759f0d3634a

What is powering that? Dont think we're not on the same wavelength.

Faster than light speed? I personally could'nt care less. I'd just be happy for a highly fuel efficient car and world peace.

I'm easily pleased.

I agree with you. Just not the hydro model car.

Like I said. A simple, highly fuel efficient, ready to go motor was simply taken and locked away in plain view and no one gives a shit...
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