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Originally Posted by djhyena View Post
First of all: IT'S A BOY!!! HAHAHA!!

Second of all: No ones goin anywhere with me anyway.

Third of all: Blue Angel- I like you.

Fourth of all: I'm the Conspiracy Champ! It's so unbelievable it hilarious, I laugh, hahahahaha, like a hyena should cuz I'm so proud of my self. I'm gonna make history you bastards, I'm just... sigh... look at my face... I'm so adorable.

Fifth of all: I like Pepperoni Pizza with Jalepenios, Mushrooms, and ranch dip, the sour cream kind, not the dressing, mother fuckers gotta recognize- I'm irritated!!!
Oh, thanks for this very interesting reply to the forum.

We shall archive it.

Just so you know, BlueAngel couldn't care any less who likes her and who doesn't.

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