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Default Re: NWO wishful thinking

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
Even though I don't understand the written text, the music is subversive (a 14 century word) in mystery overtones. Perhaps the process of awareness is being tackled in a reverse fashion. Instead of mankind creating life and love to bond the collective conscious, the vid used mysterious death to create the bond. Perhaps in a conscious revolution, the message is masked as a nwo perpetrator.

Which reminds me, no pun intended, many new age peeps believe they will change the world thru thoughts and not actions. I think this concept is feeding the hand of T"N"WO quite rapidly, esp the corporatization of religion. It really is an old world order (OWO) being developed stronger than ever with their fantacies of mind control. Prayer control, mind control, media blitz...all of them are only as strong as the bond between involved humans.

I am also reminded of a horizontal triangle formula to understand human evolution. Each angle of the triangle represents a human quality: spirit, mind, body. Each area develops to keep the triangle balance in a horizontal status. If one area develops greater then the other two, imbalance occurs and the other 'angles' try to catch up. Thus in an imbalanced society, mankind fails all 'angles' of evolution, slipping down.

The germans are also very controlling within their retail market. True democracy doesn't exists there or in many european countries.

i agree with you, their is no real democracy in europe any more, every country outside US, is more like facsim
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