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Default Re: The BP Oil Gush!

I am not excusing them in the least. Why do you continue to mis-represent my argument? You are focusing in on one man,Obama (and I just bet it was Bush before that) and you are failing to see that the problem is with the entire system. It has grown too large to ever be effective, and so large that all manner of corruption can easily get swallowed up in it. All thanks to dumbass progressive liberals and their welfare state, and nannyist RW religious types that want to regulate everyone's life according to a book written in committee 2000 years ago. There need not be some group of Bilderburgers or a Springsteen cult running things for BS like the spill to happen. Its the tyrany of ignorance and apathy that has created this situation. As society got easier people became more and more complacent about things that affect their lives in dramatic ways. Like basic economics and accountability of public office. You want a conspiracy, just look no farther than the NEA. They have been constantly dumbing down our kids so that they can blame the problem on lack of funding and demand higher salaries for their members. You want to fight the power, start with the public sector unions.....then you might have something.
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