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Default Re: Car Model Runs On Water – Amazing !

Cheap Energy Sources – That’s The Way Is Was Meant To Be – :-o :-o :-o

Platonic Solid Formation In Spherical Vibrating Fluid

Ch03 - Sacred Geometry In The Quantum Realm

truebeliever, Sorry I jumped into conclusions. I didn’t really read your entire post at first. I was running too fast. My bad.

I’m all for “free-energy” sources & the “freedom” that could bring to “us all,” & not just a few. I think we already have the knowledge, the means, & the ability to “free” humanity. But we are being “held down” from “realizing” that world…

Scientists Break The Speed Of Light

And if you think about it, why would the “speed of light,” which is only “a part of” the entire “spectrum of energy,” which encompasses all, be the maximum speed? If there are frequencies slower than light, & then, frequencies faster than light, why would anyone accept the notion that “light” is just a mathematical “asymptote?” Perhaps because of that same “premise” that matter is the only “reality,” for us here on earth to accept. I personally think that the “speed of light” is just the “average speed” of the universe. Another way of looking at it is this – if every single atom inside ourselves, which when “split” are known to release enough energy to cause a “nuclear explosion” are also emitting “light” waves, why wouldn’t these “energy quanta” (as, in our limited capacity, we define them) be moving faster than light? I can see that in order for us to observe them (i.e., electron clouds) we have to slow them down to “light speeds,” to the only reality we can conceptually want to “perceive.” So otherwise, they are moving at faster than “light speeds,” & “infinitely” fast “into & out” of the “ether”… (zero-point-energy, hyperdimensional physics).

Don’t get me wrong, I studied a field in science. But humbly speaking, I’d say that “scientists” are nothing more than professional “observers” & perhaps “modifiers.” If anyone can write the “equation” for the “oceans,” I’ll be impressed.

Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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