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Default Re: MMR vaccine causes autism

Originally Posted by FallaciesAbound View Post
I cant help it if you read at a second grade level, since you also didnt understand my VERY simple statement in the Aliens thread. You said that the discrediting of Wakefield was "Just as they want". First, who is the "they", and second:what could they possibly gain from this? mmmm?

Oh, and the names Ted. At least get that part right.
I can't help it that you write at a second grade level.

If you don't know who "THEY" are, you shouldn't be on this site.

What could they gain from this?

The fact that a doctor who appears to be "out to lunch" conducted research as to the link between vaccinations and autism and he has been discredited.

As I said, case closed.

NO other doctor will ever attempt to research the link between vaccinations and autism because the waters have been muddied by this doctor.

Just as they want it.

What is it that you would like me to get right as far as the name Ted?
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