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The fact is that if for example a murderer said that the person they killed died due to natural courses and there was no physical evidence that he did yet from what happend it all pointed to the person being murdered it would make a VERY seriouse case in court and there would be alot more resources put into finding the physical evidence.

Even if it was all how the government says it was why wouldnt they let people make a case and examine it so that it cleared them from any thought of a conspiracy going on.

And why is it that any body that does try to examine and make a case out of what happend....even if they share no bias to whether it was faked or not or even if those ppl actualy believed the government was telling the truth. Still they would be called conspiracy theorists and be denied ANY credibilit for there finds.

The truth is that there will NEVER be any evidence against the government that shows everyone that the government did it for a fact. there is no point standing around hopeing that this person comes forward or that person does.....NO ONE will because it will only fuck there own lives up and even if they did it wouldnt fucking matter.

we will NEVER prove 9/11 was riged...we might prove to our selvs but the government will never let it be proved on mass just aint gonna happen

To be hounest...only thing that would ever change for everyone to come to gether and put a bullet through all the people at the tops head and that is damn well impossible sooo....any volenters??? lol

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