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Default Linda Thompson

Does anyone know whatever happened to Linda Thompson? I have no idea why, but today she popped into my brain for no reason I can figure. I'm still looking around the computer desk here trying to figure out what triggered the memory.

That was pretty weird.

But even more weird is the way she kind of disappeared in terms of online presence. All of the references to her online are from the 1990s, early 2000s at the latest, and then occasional posts referencing Waco: The Big Lie. This is a woman who ran a BBS (w/Fidonet node number) at one point, so I know she's not afraid of computers and being online.

Where'd she go?

I found some scattered posts online suggesting she was some kind of agent provocateur trying to cause the militia movement of the 90s to implode (though the Oklahoma City bombing knocked it backward for awhile).

But I am curious whatever happened to Ms. Thompson. It is curious that none of the existing articles about her online seem to have any information. For awhile you'd encounter things she'd said or written all over the place.

Then, it's like she vanished.

Have a quick google search to see what I mean. *poof*.

I ask for no particular reason. I didn't necessarily buy a lot of of Linda Thompson's take on the world but she struck me as an interesting person.

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