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Default Mind Control-- School Shootings as a game

About the Columbine shooters:

Stephanie Salmon(548 )
"Stephanie Salmon specifically told IO it did not appear as though the (library)suspects were 'mad', but were just 'having fun.'

Crystal Woodham(630)
"She said that they(the library shooters) sounded happy, not evil or mean."
"The gunman's voices seemed so happy."(634)

Aaron Cohen(SanDiego Union/Tribune 4/21/99)
"They were laughing after they shot. ... It was like they were having the time of their life."

Brooks Brown(No Easy Answers, pg 130)
"They(shooters) found some way to mock or degrade each person before they fired the fatal shot. It was one big game to them."

Joey Marcotte(9029)
At eastern edge of the cafeteria: "They were laughing as they threw the bombs and shot people."

Patti Nielson, DP 6-12-99
"...the killers were just gross, there were theatrics involved and they seemed to be acting out some war game. One second they were mean, the next second they were laughing."

Austin Eubanks, DP 6-13-99
"...they were playing a game."

Josh Neilson(SanDiego Union/Tribune 4/21/99)
"They liked playing war games. That's all they could talk about."

Kristen Long(5027)
Said H&K, Dykeman, and Morris talked a lot about bombs, guns, and killing people. She stated they weren't specific about what their target would be, but that they wee "obsessd" with it. They would talk about "hurting each other" and about "playing the game"

Mark Hengel(5899)
Chris Morris told him "We are all part of a big computer game and someone else controls our lives."

Brooks Brown(Time, 5-10-99)
"What they did wasn't about anger or hate, ...It was about them living in the moment, like they were inside a video game."

Time (5-3-99)
"Survivors said they treated it like a video game."


It should be noted that alleged Red Lake shooter(3-21-05) Jeff Weise referred to 4-20-04(anniversary of Columbine massacre) as "game day" when he was falsely accused of planning an act of violence against his school on 4-19-04.


Mitchel Johnson, 13, and Andrew Golden, 11, Jonesboro, AS, Westside Middle School, 3-24-98, 5 dead
--Johnson: "I really thought that no one would actually be hurt."

Kip Kinkel, Springfield, OR, Thurston High School, 5-22-98, 1 dead, 7 seriously wounded
Q: But you didn't have any intent yesterday... of hurting anybody. Is that correct?
A: Right

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