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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Originally Posted by ;7768
I am LAUGHING!! not only because just yesterday I thought to myself, hmmm, I should get off this site so that BlueAngel doesn't linger as the last comment on many topics!!

I'm hogging the place, I thought.

But, I also thought to myself that I was annoying others and that someone was going to SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

It's not uncommon!!!


This is a message I received some time ago from Dixon, Tuesday, November 18, 2003:

when we really want to get you, you will be silenced. if it takes a "friendly fire incident" to shut you up, your son will be fragged. You had better stop lying, you filthy cunt.

then he says,

and another thing....

the only reason that you are still breathing is that you are more useful to "THEM" right now than you ever were. By spouting your lunacy, you discredit the rest of the liars and freaks who make it their life's mission to smear good men. If there was any truth to this, "THEY" could always take you back to Lawrence, any time "they" wanted to. It sounds like you may need another treatment to stop your pernicious lying. Iheard you like it in the ass.....

Nice, huh?

I was in the spelling bee in second and sixth grade. Both times, runner-up.

In second grade, "athlete" almost stumped me!

In Peace,

Hey, anonymous, you have one post and are annoyed at me?

The GOONS in Naval Intelligence are some brutal men!!
How does dixon, above, know that I was USEFUL to THEM in the past and, if, as he claims, I am more useful to THEM now, why the threat to frag my MARINE son with friendly fire in order to shut me up?

If I'm lying, as he claims, just as the other freaks do in order to smear the name's of good men, why the threat?

His statement that I discredit the liars and freaks doesn't make any sense since he considers I am lying, too.

How does dixon know that I've been to Lawrence in the past and received treatments.

This, he states, was to stop my pernicious lying.

Yeah, right.

How 'bout more like to stop me from speaking the truth and remembering that which I was supposed to forget.

I have news for Dixon, THEY can't take me anywhere.

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