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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
Your son is a marine? You should be ashamed of yourself. How can you allow your son to fight for our very enemies against people brave enough to stand up for their freedom?!?

What are you doing running a forum like this if you let your son fight for the enemy?

My son WAS a Marine and, as an adult, he made the decision to join the military.

I am not ashamed of myself, but you should be for the nasty comment you posted above about me and my son.

Did I expect anything else from your mouth?

The answer is a resounding no.

Not that it's any of your business or I care one IOTA what your opinion is of me and/or my son, he has never been in combat.

However, while on a MEU and serving on the USS Nashville, he was a part of the mission to rescue the AMERICANS when fighting broke out between Lebanon and Israel.

He and his unit were also a part of helping with the clean-up, etc. in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

I have some pictures of the heavy equipment they brought over on ships, etc. for this effort.

Would you like to see them?

Who should be ashamed of themselves, now?

Maybe you ought to think before you speak next time.

I'm running this forum, because you didn't appoint me and it's not based upon the humanitarian aid my son, whom I am extremely proud of, was engaged in during his four years in the Marines.

Funny, isn't it?

OutoftheBox has no comment about the disgusting post by dixon; his threat to kill my son, etc., send me back to lawrence for treatment, which is what my post was about.

Instead, he follows it up with another degrading post about me and my son.

Birds of the same feather....

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