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Default Re: Crucifixion, a trauma based mass mind control

I believe in submission to the will of God/Allah/Jehovah.. or whatever you call the divine Being/Life-force.. and all I have to do is follow my heart.. and believe in the goodness of man.. his/her/it's creation... It's that simple to me..

Phooey on all these warmongering types... Religion (Even the Monotheists) have been used by politicians for centuries to divide and rule the suckers who do not believe that God is love... In it's purest form.

I believe in submission to the Devine... I also believe in resistance to evil... I trust my heart to discern the difference... Yet, I submit to my destiny not knowing my place in it, and not knowing the effect of my short and humble life, in the tapestry of time, and rug being woven, or what the pattern might be.. I don't care, as I am playing my part thru prayers and faith.

A small thread being woven into a large carpet.. It is not my place to know the eventual pattern of completion. Nore is it my place to care.
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