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Default Re: Skull and Bones and the Illuminati

They weave a web of deceit by using so many different affiliations that one cannot put it all together such as "Skull and Bones," Illuminati, Freemasonry, etc.

"Ball of Confusion."

They're all one in the same, good ole' boys, same bloodlines, (and I believe many had their names changed to hide their Jewish roots because they do not believe that the American people would ever vote into office a Jewish President. Kerry and Albright for example).

They feel they are of superior intelligence and should rule because they are of upper class. They are the perfect race or so they believe this and are white supremists and KKK members.

We are all their slaves. We work for them. We are paid with their money which is borrowed by our employers and we repay them with interest and taxes. Every dollar we spend, as it says, is a debt to the government.

Same agenda just operating under different umbrellas such as Freemasonry, etc. and, of course, as they have practiced disinformation on the public, which they perfected into an art form, by using thousands upon thousands of unwitting citizens in their mind control programs, confusion dominates, people throw up their hands in frustration unable to piece it all together; looking for a needle in a haystack, they give up.

In this way, a transference of power is then obtained from the people unto their leaders.

They are war mongers who profit from death and destruction. Death means nothing to them.

Skull and Bones, well, why do they call it that? There are "places I remember" where nothing existed except "skulls and Bones."

Off the chain!!!

Skull and Bones = corrupt "CIA." Equals shadow government.
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