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Default Re: trying to escape illuminati

Originally Posted by emerging View Post
Hello BlueAngel --
Well, I got taken hostage and pretty much told this, and all of a sudden, everything in my life made a sick kind of sense.

I feel a bit like I'm on trial here and I don't really wish to give all this information to a stranger on a public forum that I don't yet feel entirely safe with.

Hence, I'm choosing to sort of get my feet in the water a bit with this forum, and hopefully, through my posts over time, my knowledge will be an obvious indicator of my role -- Hopefully, I can speak certain knowledges or ideas as they feel safe to be expressed over time, and I can share things in a more organic way through adding to threads in forums, rather than making a claim and then feeling the need to look inside for the right words or information to defend said claim. I don't like that feeling too much.
Thanks for understanding, and I do hope that perhaps there are some resources that might be able to help me out of this, but I don't expect for sure that this forum will be the one to help -- Perhaps it's a better place to just get some education and spread the word of some of what I know and speak the hope I grow into as I disengage from some pretty horrific programming I've endured in my life.
Thanks again.
By no means should you divulge any information to anyone on this forum, myself incuded, if you don't feel safe or feel as if you are on trial here.

Best wishes,
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