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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

quote=Out of the Box;68632]

You raised him, didn't you? If you raised him well, he wouldn't make such a poor choice.

Your opinion that my son made a poor choice by enlisting in the Marines and that he did so because I didn't raise him well, are just that; your opinions, and, in case you've forgotten, let me remind you, your opinion regarding my son and/or myself and anything else doesn't matter.

You have no clue regarding the circumstances surrounding my son's enlistment in the Marines and, even if you did, your opinion still wouldn't matter and, again, your opinion regarding my parenting skills doesn't matter either.

Shall I repeat myself, or have I made myself clear?

Your opinion about my son and/or myself doesn't matter.

Obviously, you have deluded yourself into believing that it does.

Let me give you a bit of advice.

A parent imparts their knowledge, morals, values, wisdom, life experiences and beliefs onto their children.

They cannot force their children/adult off-spring to make every life choice in their favor short of holding a gun to their head.

Is this what you do to your children/adult-offspring so every life choice they make is that which you desire or have you practiced mind control upon them from a very young age so that they are void of free will and do as you say?

I don't know if you have children, but, if you do, I'm certain that you've taught them to be as condescending and judgemental as you are.

These are the Immoral attributes that you possess and have IMMORALLY passed onto your children and, obviously, this reflects that you are a BAD parent.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Lack of self-esteem is typically the reason for the type of behavior that you display.

I don't know who raised you.

A pack of wolves, perhaps.

Whoever it was certainly did a poor job.

People who join the US military are either stupid, brainwashed or both. I feel no shame for pointing out the obvious.

My son is neither stupid, brainwashed or both.

So, obviously, you haven't pointed out the obvious.

It's only a matter of time before he's sent to the battlefield to fight for the New World Order. That's what Marines are intended for after all.

You can't read so I'll say it again.

My son was disabled and is no longer an active Marine so it is not a matter of time before he is sent to the battlefield to fight for the NWO.

I don't know why I feel it necessary to explain any of this to you, because I am certain that you are just completely stupid and won't understand any of it no matter how many times I write it and no matter in how may ways, but, I'll continue in the hope that maybe a COMET might hit you on the head and wake you up.

You pretend to know what my son's job was in the Marines, but you don't, so I'll inform you again, he was not front line or battlefield and, he was disabled, so it is not a matter of time before he is sent to the battlefield to fight for the NWO.


Do I need to repeat myself, or will it fall upon deaf ears or someone who is completely unable to comprehend the written word or both because they are brainwashed and/or stupid or both?

My son was disabled.

He is not an active Marine and will never face the battlefield.

You don't know anything about my son and/or his service in the Marines and/or me as a parent other than you despise the fact that, in your opinion, I allowed my son to make a poor choice and join the Marines and, in your eyes, this renders me as a BAD MOTHER.

I don't hold a gun to my adult off-spring's heads as you do in order to make them do as I desire.

They make their own choices.

This makes me a good mother.

As if I need to defend myself against a man such as yourself and, you know what I mean by that.

Obviously, you've raised your children to do as they're told by you while you hold a gun to their head, or else.

Did you not read what I wrote in my previous comment?

My son provided humanitarian aid to the American citizens who were in Lebanon when fighting broke out and aid to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

You and your blind faith in imaginary creatures...

I don't have blind faith, as is evidenced by my posts on this forum.

I just don't get how you can possibly run a conspiracy forum and raise your son so poorly for him to join the Marines.

Don't you get it?

I doesn't matter that you don't get it.

The fact is that I do run this conspiracy forum.

Oh, yes.

I raised my son so poorly, because he joined the Marines and I DIDN'T force him by gunpoint not to do so or practice mind control on him as you do your own children so that every life choice they make is the one you want them to make.

Like I said, you are deluded in thinking that your opinion of me as a parent and/or my MARINE son matters.

WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq all taught me that the US is an evil imperial empire willing to destroy the lives of millions. I will NEVER respect the US military as their blind obedience to the plutocrats is responsible for the corruption of Western-Europe since WW2 and an increasing number of nations worldwide.

We know you don't respect the men and women in our military.

You've made this quite clear.

Every single parent who has a son or daughter in the military, according to you, did a poor job of raising their children and their children are either stupid and/or brainwashed or both.

You are a very contemptuous person.

I have nothing against my son. I have a problem with his job and your failure to teach him the US military is a malign institute.

You have nothing against YOUR son?


If you meant that you have nothing against MY son, I would beg to differ.

You've stated several times you have much against anyone who serves in the military.

I couldn't care any less whether you have a problem with my son's job and the fact that you believe I failed to teach him the US military is a malign institute.

Again, you are a very contemptuous person who has a problem with a whole lot of people and, just so you know, these whole lot of people don't care what you think and, most probably, have a problem with you.

Since you can't comprehend what I stated in my previous post, I'll repeat.

My son is no longer an active Marine, so you can get over your problem with his job and, BTW, we don't care that you have a problem with his job.

Apparently, you have a problem with military personnel who provide aid to American citizens.

Go figure.

I don't know enough details about your conflict with him to comment.

You have no details about my son and/or myself and this hasn't stopped you from commenting so I have no clue why you wouldn't comment as to dixon's remarks.

Could be because you were hoping, as dixon said, that my son would get fragged in friendly fire since you despise him so desperately.

I don't know who let you out of the box, but I think it's time they put you back in there.


This is your second warning.

The next time you post derogatory/inflammatory comments about son and/or myself, YOU WILL BE BANNED. This is not a threat. This is fact. So, if you want to continue to post on this forum, I suggest yo bite your tongue in this road because my word is as good as gold.

My intended comment was not to illicit responses regarding my Marine son. It was intended to illicit responses regarding dixon's comment that if I didn't shut my mouth my Marine son would be fragged/killed in friendly fire.

Obviously, out of the box, doesn't what to address this issue.

He strayed off topic about my parenting skills, etc.

Stay on topic within this thread which is about dixon's remarks regarding killing my son in friendly fire if I don't shut my mouth and not about my son's decision to join the marines and/or my parenting skills.

If you can't stay on topic, don't comment.

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