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Default Re: I'm here because StompK said you hate me

Sorry galexander, busy day, couldn't get on.

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
But is it not true that Crowley founded the original O.T.O. of which Cogburn is a member and was the O.T.O. not founded on Freemasonic lines?

And is it not true also that the Golden Dawn recruited from among the ranks of the Freemasons which must imply that the two organisations are somehow strongly analogous?
As far as I have read, Crowley did not found it, but is one of the most famous members. Originally, there may have been some associations only through some men being members in both, but once Crowley took charge, the OTO was reformed. And as far as I've seen, there are not too many Masons that are also members.

As far as I understand the Golden Dawn never recruited from within Freemasonry, and from what I've seen, recruiting for a non-Masonic organization is looked down on.
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