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Default Re: "Bessie" The Bamboo Shoot - Does Microwave Water Kill?

True Max, but that would have required effort.

As it was, I turned around in my executive swivel chair and there she stood! As if we had been waiting for each other all our lives.

Besides, i am a great scientist...and as we know, ALL great 'known' scientists do the very least for their fame. Usually entailing copying others work and then claiming it exclusively for their own....OR, faking the results.

All rumours of large sums paid into my account by the Microwave industry are rapscallion rumours spread by braggarts and men of ill repute.

Now if you'll excuse me...i have a plane to catch...have to get their early for the first class seats to Paris... 8-)
Jimbo, i used to work on the ward that did the workups for the liver transplant unit here in Perth.

The liver is ABSOLOUTLY amazing. Huge regenerating capacity. You can take 1/3 of it in any sized human and within 7 weeks it will have grown to the perfect size of the recipient.

It can take mountains of abuse...but when it goes, it goes...

BTW...transplants are in large part a fraud. I tell you...they are as sick as dogs and in the case of liver transplants not very successful but it generates alot of income for the medical industry.

Average basic cost of LT...$250,000 Oz money...more in U.S. Then $15,000 to $30,000 in 'Cyclosporins', anti rejection drugs...and then usually death within a year or two.

They only put em on the telly when they're all frsh and healthy. You dont see them the other %80 of the time as crook as dogs.

I'm glad of my time in nursing. Saw so much stuff which reminded me just how tough and fragile the human body is.
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