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After bringing image up please click on image again to make clearer, please note it is a diagram of the night sky for sunset on 31st Dec 0046 BC for Luxor/Thebes at 17:19pm.

Thebes was the ancient capital, the middle red line shows the curve of the Earth......The Julian Calendar started on 1st January 0045 B.C.

Cleopatra was Greek and by ancient Greek Sun worship they started the day by sunset....the Egyptians started New Year by the Sun rising with Sirius, however Cleopatra changed the rules for the new calendar to sunset as shows.

Next i will show the calendar reform of 1582 and how they aligned it to Egyptian gods!

In the mean time you may be interested on the position of Sirius at New Year on the PRIME MERIDIAN!!!!

Sirius midnight culmination New Year’s Eve | ES Tonight | EarthSky

Intersting isn't it that Sirius culminates in the centre of the sky on the prime meridian at midnight on the 1st January?

One might think it was an intended calcalation, and just an adjustment to the ancient Egyptian religion....any questions?
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