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Default Re: Does schooling do what we think? NO!

For one I would say you are a little outdated seeing as no most woman do get jobs these days and all the more in the governments favour as now everyone more or less is exspected to work. I would say that schools are suited for girls more as girls find it easyer to sit in a class all day working through textbooks and are even labeled as "more mature" at a younger age (but i think it all depends on what your classing as mature) and boys are generaly more fidgety and would ushaly rather be out and about doing practicle things there for get bored and frustrated in class easily which I think is a big component of bad behaviour in class.

Im only 20 and live in the UK where over here you start high school at 11 and leave school at 16 then go to higher ed if you wish. Seeing as I only left 4 years ago ill tell you a little of how I felt through school. Back then I would say I was very naieve and to be hounest I had no real realiseation of how the world worked....actualy ive only just realised simple truths recently. To begin with in high school I got my head down and actualy tried to do well and through out my schooling I was exspected to get farely high marks. Half way through though puberty started to hit and everything (school wise) went down hill. I started smokeing weed which I wouldnt say was a good thing at the time or even now that I still smoke it but I would never diss the drug to much because despite a few bad points from it I know for a fact it has helped open my mind. I started seeing things a little difrently (dont jump the gun and say its because of weed because that is definetly not the key contributer) and ended up feeling unable to conform with the way things where run. I started to feel like the things I was being taught where useless to me and at that rebelius time I started to not give a shit about school and as it turns out i ended up droping out in my last year and to this day I do not hold any qualifications. Thats not to mean I dont have skills, it just means that my skills aint widely accepted within society. Now that I look back dont get me wrong I dont think that droping out of school and such was the right thing to do but I hold no regrets. I think the main problem is that in school everyone is taught the same even though people all learn difrently. I look back at school and I see a production line just like one in a factory kids are pushed through on a convayer belt picking up as much as they can as they go along. Its just a way of seeing how pluged in and ambitious you are. The kids who want it all and get all the high grades go off to higher ed to get the knowledge needed to work the higher paid jobs and then the lower get the average jobs and the ppl at the bootom can pick up whats left. So I think it is right in saying that all school is is prepareing you for the work place. Its rooting you into society.

Nowadays I realy hate school, I think its all done so wrong, kids aint taught the real things they need to know that they may not be geting from there parents. People these days are treated like assets and youl for ever be looked down apon untill you prove that your worth something. That your worth money. If you aint worth money then in this society you are worthless. I say fuck it....No Education, No job and No amount of money will ever make me who I am. Never will I happily bow to a regime of slavery where your kids futures are being sold to the highest bider. This universe is such a beutyfull thing, it realy is, and nothing we ever do on this planet will change that. No job that you can gain will ever change the balance of "nature". No amount of money you have will crave your lust for more. No education you gain within our school systems will ever help you to become a better person, it will never make you become of more value then the man next to you. We are taught from a young age to be ambitious and to want and to want and to want. No matter how hungry you think you are the truth is no amount of money or anything of the like will ever be able to fill you. You will work and you will work and you will die wishing you had worked harder. instead of being taught to take and take we should all learn to give unconditionally....If everyone was to give and to give there would never be a hunger you could not fill together.

...a little bit of my mind stroleing off the toung
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