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Default Re: kerry please read this will you

I never said science was god ether....kerry made that odd asumption. How can science be a god lol

Lots of parts of the bible can be found pre dateing it....thats why I dont even dismiss whats in the bible...I just think everything goes back further then it and the bible and such of today is chinese whispers of such alot of the 1st testiment anyway, the second ide doubt even less to be true. I cant prove it but to put it simple the most likely exsplation to me is that "god" and gods sons as said in genesis were aliens. It makes perfect sense realy...after you add it all up lol. But understandably a little out there to most people who dont have the ability to give it any credibility.

Ive dabled at looking into quantum physics...i think ill have a look at it some more
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