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Default Re: History-nobody learned anything

Yes, a good article.

When the truth about WW2 is broadcast regularly on the telly...we'll have won...this round.

Hitler was NO angel, but nor was he the Devil incarnate.

His crimes had to be grossly exaggerated as an excuse for backing the even more criminal Stalin.

One must remember that no one likes to be occupied. National pride is wounded...but, it's really funny to read accounts of how welcome the Germans were in many countries and how polite they were to the local inhabitants (certain groups excepted). How the French complained about "inconsiderate American tank drivers"!

The key to understanding WW2 is to understand the HUGE threat posed by the Soviet Union who's central doctrine was world domination. A domination that included NO religion, pig sty's in Churches, wiping out cultural heritage and virtual slavery and murder.

You can understand Hitler's ruthlessness in the East when you understand that. Remember, he had served for 3 years on the Western front in WW1. Won 2 Iron Crosses in the most dangerous job you could have (Regimental Runner). Witnessed the untold death of hundreds of his comrades and watched the disintergration of his country and the slow, deliberate starving of up to 1 million men, women and children post WW1.

It's easy to comment in the context of a privelidged, safe lifestyle. The times were tough and on the verge of chaos back then.

We should focuss any rage on the bankers and financiers who set up the Soviet Union who then countered with Germany who they then double crossed.

Benevolent Fascism/Totalitarian Communism? In the end they were both Death Cults. Both were evil. I just want the blame spread around a little more and Germany relieved of the false total guilt for WW2.
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