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Default Re: see if you can proove me wrong i dare you

Hi Kerry,

You say there isn't another secret religion at play in masonic American Government, that is easy to to show, lets start with the Declaration of Independence to show a powerful secret religion at play, today we know it as the esoteric Hermetic religion, however it is based on the ancient Egyptian religion.

I'm a very good astronomer, and will show pictures of how it is all based on Sun Worship, which means that important days in history are chosen by three methods....Sun rise, Roman and Egyptian start of day, Sun set being ancient Greek and modern Israel start of day, and midnight, modern start of day, astrologers use a margin of 1 degree or four minutes of time to align a star to a date by this method and is called a Paranatellonta on link below:-

[Early Egyptian forerunners of the Paranatellonta?] [Sudhoffs Arch. 1999] - PubMed result
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