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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

Hey BlueAngel
It was about a minute before the Cessna had F-Whatevers in the sky ... But of course Norad wasn't running multiple Cessna hi jack drills that day ... cause you know ... thats a once in a life time "conspiracy" or coincidence.

NWO is full of plans .. and misstakes
They have their heads too far up their own assholes and are getting quite sloppy.

Sometimes I wonder if they blackmail eachother for more stock in slave ship earth??

For instance Bush goes to war in Iraq ... large amounts of money were made and owed by Saddam and funneled into Germany and France .. The oil game mostly .. weapons too....
When in the UN these two countries where crying and whining like they just got their lunch money stolen.

I figure if you know all about the conspiracies and truths and happen to be a major player... money is but a game
A way to have a say on where the cattle go for the next few years.

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