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Default Re: Does schooling do what we think? NO!

Originally Posted by RedAngel View Post
BlueAngel, I don't know if your trying to be funny or that you really are constantly wrong in numerous posts, how many different people through various posts through various years will it take before you realise that in fact - YOU ARE WRONG! lol

I'm not trying to be funny and I'm not constantly wrong in numerous posts no matter how many times you have ascertained that people through various posts claim that I am.

Just because you and others claim that I'm wrong, doesn't mean it is so.

I say the same about you and those various others.

That you are wrong.

The difference is that when I say you're wrong, you're wrong.

When you say I'm wrong, I'm not.

I wasn't trying to be funny, but truly, what I said is funny.


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