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I had a dream once when I was younger that I was being choked by this dark shadowy figure. I couldn't breathe I couldn't scream.
Woah Madkhao ... if you still visit here .. long time no chit chat ... i read that and the hair on my neck stood right up!!!

With in the last month I had two shadowy figure sights .. the 1st was on my way home from a friends house and i noticed a head and torso shaped thing in my rear view mirrior ... I really thought it was an eye illusion.

The next day how ever I was falling asleep around 4 30am and I had this feeling that someone was on the bed ... Not sure if it was a dream or not ... but I was looking over and the same figure was there ... I guess it didn't like me noticing its presence and .. it felt like my head was being pushed to the side .. I was awake in a second ... looked over to see nothing ... and told it to "Fuck Off" .. made me feel good

I dunno ... that was pretty damn strange though

have you had any other sightings?
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