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Default Re: Aliens May Exist But Contact Would Hurt Humans; Hawkings

I thought this post was regarding The existence of aliens and Stephen Hawkings view that they would harm us. But instead it seems to have morphed into Clash of the Egos. I have to say that many topics on this site turn into petty and pointless arguments that seem to have no relation to topic being Discussed. I still think Stephen Hawking is wrong and that we're the bigger threat to other intelligent life in the universe. The other thing that really annoys me is why do Space ships not have Anti Kinetic Shielding systems in place. I think that should have been incorporated into the Apollo 11 Mission to the moon before the space craft was even allowed to take off. It may have taken another 40 years longer to develop the technology required but safe space travel would be much better. No more worries about micrometeorites and space debris hitting space craft or the space station either. Also if anyone is to say that inventing Anti Kinetic Shielding is not possible, then look at the Atom Bomb.

Such a hideous and horrific weapon probably considered impossible or purely science fiction by many scientists at the turn of the 20th Century. It just goes to prove that humanity can create and overcome any obstacle if they are determined enough and/or are faced with adversity.
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