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Default Re: Does schooling do what we think? NO!

I think there should have more flexibility in what students can chose to do. I actually quite like algebra. I have just started the basics of it recently. Education Certainly needs high standards but it also needs to be flexible to the students needs. Currently that is not the case. Every kid in school is different. Some are brilliant at maths, some are brilliant at sports and then you have kids who are artistic geniuses.

These are all strengths that kids in school can build on and use later in life. What the Education systems of the world need is a special government education program that effects all schools private, public and belief based. That recognizes students greatest skills and helps to build and foster those skills over many ongoing years. Keep the three R's but don't make it mandatory as some people are just not academically minded and lean more towards the tactile studies such as metal work, mechanics, woodwork and/or sports.
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