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""I told it to fuck off"".

Well there goes the thriving Vatican 'exorcism trade'! Where's your license?
I've had many of these. Thankfully they seemed to go away into my thirties after I'd had 10 years of looking at myself.

I also suspect MSG...seriously. Not as the main cause but definately a trigger.

The unconscious is powerful and I've usually found if I have been neglecting my 'inner life' the unconscious seems to manifest.

Try writing down and understanding a dream if they dont go away.

When I was 19 and miserable and in a job I hated far from home, I awoke in the middle of the night with a bright white young girl standing over me. She was about to touch my forhead but drew her hand up to her cheek in shock that I had woken up.

She was as real as anything for a couple of seconds.

A Hindu woman at my work told me in Hindu thought I was marked for death but awoke just in time? Hmmmm...hope not, i'm just starting to enjoy life.

Does anyone know about these things?

Also, in Astrology...yes, yes I know it's considered occult (i only do birth charts NOT predict the future)...if you have a strong Moon--->Pluto connection you will often have nightmares.
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