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Default Re: Are American Freemasons 'Blue Bloods'?

Hi KSigMason,

I see you like quoting Albert Pike.

To have a lodge bearing his name is a honour for masons, therefore i would direct you to link Albert Pike Lodge No 117 based in Denver, Colorado, link below:-

Albert Pike Lodge No 117 - Denver Colorado

Charter granted on 16th September 1903, many masons are involved in Hermetic Philosophy, and mark dates by midnight, sunrise or sunset, inregards to a charter, this is ancient Egyptian Philosophy, So Alnilam rising at midnight at location marks the day to Osiris, the Egyptians thought of the Belt of Orion as Osiris, and Alnilam is the centre star of the Belt of Orion.

Please click on download, then click on image again to make bigger and clearer, red line shows curve of the Earth at midnight on date of charter showing Alnilam rising.
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