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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Originally Posted by RedAngel View Post
Whatever BlueAngel!!!

I am on this forum to read about conspiracies, strange enough though most of the threads I read you have commented on. And every1 so far includes you stating your opinions are infallible, even though 1 or more posters disagree. This doesn't seem to deter your, almost insane, ramblings.

Less than 25 posts and you have already threatened me, bang up job there SUPERMODERATOR.
If you're on this forum to read about conspiracies then do so instead of trolling me.

I don't really care how many threads you've read that include me stating that my opinions are infallible even though one or more posters disagree.

What do you think that proves?

That you expect everyone is going to agree with everyone all of the time?

If so, I'd say you are wrong and that my opinion that you are wrong is infalliable.

I don't post insane ramblings.

Again, that is your opinion and I disagree.

Some people have one post and are banned without a warning.

Your post count doesn't make a difference as to whether or not you are banned.

It's what you're posting that counts.

This is your third and final warning.

The purpose of this forum does not exist to discuss my moderation of Club Conspiracy.

As I've told many others before you, if you don't like my comments and/or my moderation of this forum, don't read them and/or please, feel free to leave.

P.S. Do you consider this to be another one of my insane ramblings?

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