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Default Draken and Ahmad...

I don't have an interpretation of Christianity I just choose to take what is written in the New testament in it's proper context. as far as any "Christians" condemning me I don't worry because they haven't risen from the dead.
They lack authority.
I read your responses to my posts and it's easy to see where you stand, subjective scripture interpretation, esoteric spiritual meanings of verses, lack of foundation, knowing good from evil, being just like God.
That's what Eve was offered in the garden.
I understand what you mean, and I also understand that it is intellectually dishonest as it divorces the objective and makes it subjective.
You remind me of Pilate, What is truth?

You go again into the usual monologue based on Quramic theology, but the problem is the evidence for the reliability of the New testament as far as being a historical document is unparalleled. So the Quran says the Christian scriptures were changed but historical verification does not back up the claims of the Quran, was that shatan also?
the Quran says Jesus did not rise from the dead, but the eyewitnesses say he did, let's see eyewitnesses or Quran which came 500 years later? which was delivered by an angel who Mohammed initially thought was a Jin (demon).
I'll go with the eyewitnesses, the Quran has nothing to back up it's claims it flies in the face of historical verification.
The Hebrew text which also has incredible historical verification has the elders of Israel underneath the temple bowing down to the sun in the east, sound familiar? well the Lord he called this detestable, that it provokes him to anger, (Ezekiel 8:16-18).
I have historical verification that Jesus was the Son of god, he rose from the dead, that's a pretty good qualifications.
The Quran says he did not and Im supposed to believe this why? Because it is written in the Quran, circular argument.
God doesn't use circular arguments, he raises people from the dead.

Be honest with the evidence folks, and seek to find, knock and the door will be opened, God loves you, he gave his son for you, don't turn your back on that, may the God of Abraham open the eyes of your heart...

In truth and in love.. Snake

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